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10 Locations for Engagement Photos in and Around the Twin Cities

The Twin Cities and the surrounding areas are practically bursting with amazing locations for engagement photos, check out 10 of my favorites to get a glimpse at what I mean!

Engagement season is upon us, and with that in mind I thought it’d be helpful to go over 10 of my favorite places and locations for engagement photos in and around the Twin Cities. As a whole, Minnesota has an abundance of incredible locations for an engagement session, so for this blog we’re going to stick to locations that are within an hour drive from the Twin Cities. Another thing I’d like to mention is that there are WAY more than just 10 locations to choose from in the cities that would make for the perfect engagement session setting. If we were to cover them all this list would go on for seemingly forever! That’s why we’re going to cover 10 of my favorites to give you an idea both of what’s out there and what to look for in a location. Let’s get into it!

1. Uptown

Our first location on the list is a favorite of mine, and a familiar one for anyone that’s been following my blog, and that’s Minneapolis’ Uptown Neighborhood. You may recognize our first Twin Cities location from Bri and Parker’s engagement photos. Their session showcased just some of the charm and character that uptown has to offer as a setting. Uptown has a distinct feel to it that makes it an easy choice to include on this list. With trendy bars and breweries, a classic red brick style to its buildings, and the iconic Uptown Theater, the opportunities are endless for your engagement session.

A man hugs a woman from behind while they stand in a parking lot in front of a mural on a brick wall during their engagement photos in the Twin Cities

A man dips a woman as the two stand in front of a closed theater during their engagement photos in the Twin Cities

2. Theodore Wirth Regional Park

The next stop on our list for engagement photo locations is our first that takes advantage of some of the natural beauty you can find throughout the Twin Cities area, Theodore Wirth Regional Park! This 700+ acre park found on the west side of Minneapolis is gorgeous year round, complete with stunning lakes, beautiful and scenic walking trails, and a quiet and serene setting that offers views of the Minneapolis skyline in places. It’s a wonderful location where you can feel like you’re completely secluded in the Minnesota wilderness at times, and in the park of a bustling city at others! 

A man and woman crouch on a bridge and smile at one another while petting their dog in-between them during their fall engagement photos in the Twin Cities

A man and woman embrace while in a park in the Twin Cities during the fall while taking their engagement photos

3. Mill Ruins Park

Our next location is the historic Mill Ruins Park in Minneapolis. Found on the shore of the Mississippi River, Mill Ruins Park is built around the ruins of the old flour mills which give it its namesake. The location is a special one for those that are looking to capture that old historic feel of the Twin Cities in their engagement photos. The park has more to offer than just its historic past though, with a well maintained park, as well as walking and cycling paths through the park, it’s a location where you can enjoy some of the history of the city as well as the beauty of nature during your session.

4. North Loop

Minneapolis’ North Loop neighborhood is our next location, which was also featured in the second half of Bri and Parker’s session! North Loop offers a unique setting for your engagement photos in the Twin Cities. The neighborhood is known as the warehouse district, and while most of these warehouses' original occupants have gone out of business or moved, the buildings are still there! As the years have gone on more and more of these warehouses are being filled with small and lively bars and restaurants. This mixture of old and new creates such a wonderful atmosphere that is SO much fun to work with during an engagement session. Oh, and for all the baseball fans out there, the Twins’ stadium Target Field is also located in North Loop!

A man smiles at the camera while a woman hugs him from behind while taking engagement photos in the Twin Cities

A man and woman walk holding hands with a brick wall behind them during their engagement photos in the Twin Cities

2 photos side by side of a couple, in the left the man faces away from the camera while the woman smiles at it, in the right they're both walking away from the camera while smiling back at it

5. Hotel Emery

The luxurious and beautiful Hotel Emery in Minneapolis is next on our list. This hotel is just outside of North Loop and is stunning both inside and out. Start your session in the lobby of the hotel wearing your more formal attire. Have a drink at the bar surrounded by its massive marble pillars and next level d├ęcor. After that you can make your way outdoors to explore the surrounding neighborhood for the remainder of your session to give your album a true feeling of variety.

6. Montissippi Regional Park

Around 45 minutes northwest of the Twin Cities is our next location for engagement photos, Montissippi Regional Park. Found in the town of Monticello, this park is one of my favorites for an engagement session. What it lacks in size, the park makes up for in setting! The park is only a short walk away from the Mississippi River which is always reliable as a backdrop for photos. The real draw of Montissippi though comes from its seemingly endless rows of towering evergreen trees. These trees have such a profound sense of majesty that is simply breathtaking. This beauty stays consistent through all seasons of the year as well, and is almost more dramatic in the winter months.

2 photos side by side of a couple standing next to one another smiling at the camera, the left photo is taken closer to the couple

A man hugs a woman from behind while they stand on a brick road together in the Twin Cities while taking engagement photos2 photos side by side, the left is of a couple smiling at one another while walking towards the camera, the right is a close up of the woman being hugged while showing off her engagement ring

7. Aamodt’s Apple Farm

Just 15 or so minutes east of North St Paul is the fabulous Aamodt’s Apple Farm. This family owned farm was established in 1948 and has been run by the Aamodt family ever since its creation. Staying family owned and operated is part of what gives the farm its charm. The apple farm is of course lined with apple trees that you’re able to pick yourself which makes for a sweet treat during your session. You can also explore the apple barn during your session as well as sample wine from St Croix Vineyards and enjoy Thor’s Hard Cider. This is truly a one of a kind experience for your engagement photos in the Twin Cities area!

8. Lake Minnetonka

Just under 40 minutes west of Minneapolis is the 9th largest lake of Minnesota, Lake Minnetonka! Consisting of over 14,000 acres there is a LOT to explore around the lake. One of my favorite spots for engagement photos has to be Noerenberg Memorial Gardens which is on the north side of the lake. The Gardens feature stunning lake views, beautiful walking trails, and native flowers that are amazing to see in full bloom. This only scratches the surface of what you can find and explore around Lake Minnetonka!

2 photos side by side, the left is of a man and woman standing next to one another and smiling at the camera in a park, the right is of them in the park walking hand in hand and talking to one another

9. Your Favorite Brewery

Our last couple locations in the Twin Cities for engagement aren’t any one specific location, but rather getting creative with the abundance of spaces the city has to offer. First up we have your favorite brewery, and believe me the Twin Cities have a lot to choose from! From Surly and Fulton, to Bad Weather and Black Stack, there are so many different options to choose from and each has their own style and feel to them. Of course the other draw of a brewery session aside from the setting is the delicious beer you can enjoy. It’s the perfect way to start a session before heading out and exploring the nearby area for some photos around town. Speaking of which…

2 photos side by side, the right is of a man and woman kissing in front of a mural, the right is of them hugging and leaning against the wall with the mural

10. Pockets of Creativity Throughout the Cities

Last on our list is more of an idea rather than any one type of location. The Twin Cities are rich in history, culture, and charm. There’s so much magic to be found in what feels like the ordinary. Using Bri and Parker’s session as an example once more, a favorite point of our session together was when we took engagement photos atop a parking garage looking out at the skyline of the Twin Cities. Whether its parking garages, old closed down buildings, cute alleyways, empty streets, or the street art you’ll find throughout the city, don’t be afraid to get creative in the moment with what you find exploring the city!

2 photos side by side, the right is of a couple sitting atop a parking garage and smiling at one another, the right is of them in the parking garage and the man is lifting the woman in the air as she smiles

And there you have it, 10 of my favorite locations in and around the Twin Cities for engagement photos! I hope this list inspired you either with some locations you haven’t seen before, or with a way to look at the cities in a new light. If you’re ready to book me as your photographer for your engagement session in the Twin Cities head over to my contact page to send me an inquiry so we can book your date today.

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