Hi, I'm Chelsea!

I’m the curly haired, fun loving photographer behind the lens. My love language is show tunes, wine, traveling, and of course photography. Born and raised in Southern MN, I’ve been capturing photos since 2014. I’ve always had a zest for telling stories through photos, and have years of experience doing just that. I work with clients from all walks of life to capture photos of the moments they’ll remember for a lifetime.

Here’s the thing: I strive to be so much more than “just the photographer.” I bring creativity, organization, efficiency, and most importantly FUN to each of my sessions. Whether you’re marrying the love of your life or updating family portraits, you have an amazing story to tell! I’m here to capture that for you with a stress-free and FUN experience.

Hygge, or “an art of creating intimacy”: this is my speciality. I’ll make you feel comfy, relaxed, and in the moment during our sessions. My goal is to make it so that you don’t even notice the camera...just the people you’re with and the moment you’re in. I want you to look at your photos 1, 10, 50 years from now and remember exactly how you felt in that moment.

Rain or shine, day or night, I’ll be here for you with a camera, a smile, and maybe even a movie quote or two!

A Few More Fun Facts About Me:

  • + Yes, my hair is naturally curly!
  • + I did a destination wedding in Wimberley, Texas and it was a dream come true. I learned an even greater depth into wedding planning and all the intricate details that go into it.
  • + I LOVE my dog, Pierogi (Rogi for short). I’m very proud to be Polish and I had this dog name picked out years before we even talked about getting one. ...if you ever want to bring your pet to a session, I not only welcome it, I encourage it!
  • + My favorite ice cream is Blue Moon. I love how it tastes like Fruit Loops!
  • + My favorite movie growing up was Father of the Bride. My grandparents were my ‘daycare’ when my parents were working. That was the one movie I’d play multiple times a day at their house. I’d like to think this is what started my interest in being part of the wedding industry.
  • + I firmly believe I am an old soul in a young person’s body. My favorite music is from the 50s. I seek knowledge and wisdom, I’m not afraid to “dance to the beat of my old drum,” I prefer face-to-face conversations compared to texting, I’m always cold, I’m rarely awake past 9:30pm, and I value comfort over anything else.
Chelsea Krings

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