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What It's Like to Work With Me | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Take an inside look at my process as a Minneapolis wedding photographer and get an idea at what it's like to work with me!

A lot of couples may have this idea in their mind, especially if they aren’t used to being photographed, that a photographer is just there to take the photos of them and that’s it. While I can’t speak to every photographer, that honestly could NOT be farther from the truth for me! Hi, I’m Chelsea! Your curly haired, fun loving, Minneapolis wedding photographer! If you’ve been following me for a bit, then you can probably tell today’s blog is a bit different from the rest. Today we’re going to be taking a deep dive into yours truly, and what it’s like to work with me as your photographer. 

My Philosophy as a Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Before we dive into what it’s like working with me, I wanted to quickly talk about my philosophy. I was born and raised in southern Minnesota, and have been capturing photos since all the way back in 2014. Through these years of taking photos I’ve discovered my specialty in this artform. Hygge, or “an art of creating intimacy” is how I express myself as a photographer, and how I aim to document my clients and their stories. Part of my client experience is of course sharing my expertise with things like timeline planning, organization, and an overall knowledge of the ins and outs of all types of photography sessions.

A focal point of mine as a Minneapolis wedding photographer though is creating an experience that you actually enjoy being a part of! Whether it’s a wedding, an engagement session, or any other type of photography session, my goal is to have you comfortable and present in the moment. That way when you look back on your photos from the day they take you back to that exact moment, and those same feelings you felt that day all come rushing back!

A Look at My Process

Now that you know my philosophy on photography, let’s quickly go over what my process looks like. From the moment you book, to when your final photo album is delivered, I try to make things as straightforward and stress free as possible for you. Typically the process will look something like this:

  • You send an inquiry with a little bit about what you’re looking for and when
  • We’ll then go over some more details and next steps about your session or wedding.
  • I’ll then send over your contract and you’ll put down a deposit to reserve your date
  • Closer to the date of your session we’ll talk either in person or over the phone to iron out ALL the final details
  • Finally your day arrives and your session goes perfectly according to plan
  • After a few weeks of careful editing your photos are delivered for you to enjoy and relive your day through!

This is a Team Effort

As a Minneapolis wedding photographer, I know that every session and every wedding day is wholly unique. Throughout our correspondence we’ll go over all the little details that make your session or wedding the one of a kind experience that it is. Your vision combined with my professional expertise will allow us to put together a detailed plan of what your session/day will look like. I’m here for all of your questions, and I have plenty of questions of my own to help us get a fully fledged plan in place. Once the date of your session comes around, the details will be the last thing on your mind and you’ll be able to focus fully on being present and enjoying the moment!

Your Vision Matters

Your session and your wedding are a reflection of YOU. As such I take great care in making sure that not only do we go over the logistical details of your day such as location, timeline, and travel, but also the more personal aspects that’ll make your photos unique to you. This can take the shape of bigger things like your must have photo list on your wedding day, or a heading to a specific bar in Minneapolis that you met at for your engagement session. The little things are just as important though, like the outfits you choose to wear, or that special facial expression that the two of you make when you’re goofing around together. As a Minneapolis wedding photographer it’s my priority to not only make your session run smoothly, but also for it to feel authentic to you.

An Honest Experience

Honesty is a core pillar of my brand as a Minneapolis wedding photographer. From inquiry to album delivery, I lay it all out on the table from the get-go. I will keep transparency throughout and guide you through every step of your experience so you always know what's coming next. When booking with me, there are no hidden fees. The price we discuss is the price you pay, full stop. In terms of traveling, anywhere within a 1 hour drive for me I’ll travel at no additional fee. One of my passions in life is to travel though, so I have NO problem with destination weddings or sessions. For anything over an hour of travel for me those costs vary greatly depending on the location and duration of the travel, which is something we’ll discuss in depth when you inquire with me.

Trusting the Process

When your session or wedding day comes around my goal is for you to feel as prepared as physically possible. Even still it can be awkward or a little daunting getting in front of the camera, especially if this is one of your first times having professional photos taken of you. I want you to know that those feelings are totally normal. I’ll be doing everything in my power to get you past those first jitters, but trust me that even though you may feel awkward your photos can still look STUNNING.

Adaptability is a key strength of mine as a Minneapolis wedding photographer. It’s almost second nature to me at this point to adjust your session as needed to make you feel as comfortable as possible while maximizing the fun you’re having. Whether that’s avoiding uncomfortable poses for you and prioritizing more natural ones, or letting inspiration strike and finding a new location for some photos that fit the style you’re going for.

Laughter is Guaranteed!

I know a lot of this article has made it seem like I’m super serious, but trust me that seriousness only comes in the form of making sure your session or wedding go off without a hitch. Outside of that though I really don’t take myself too seriously! I’m constantly tripping over my own words, or tripping over my own feet, but I don’t let any of it slow me down or take the smile off my face!

I find it easy to connect with my clients and share in their excitement for whatever moment I’m capturing for them. This lets me not only be fully present throughout the session to capture all of your favorite moments, but also lets me get to know you and break the ice pretty quickly. As such I can assure you that through my silly dances and sporadically quoting movies and TV shows I’ll have the two of you having so much fun that you forget any feeling of nervousness you had leading into your session!

Some Fun Facts About Me

I have NO problem getting to know my clients. From their passions to the quirks that make their relationship unique to them, finding out these nuggets of information is something I love doing and one of my favorite parts of my job. I find though as a Minneapolis wedding photographer that some of my clients find it harder to get to know me. As such I thought it would be fun to go over some facts about me for you here now, potential client or otherwise!

  • I absolutely love show tunes!
  • My hair is naturally curly!
  • I had a destination wedding in Wimberley, Texas! (This actually gave me a TON of insight into wedding planning)
  • I am an avid dog lover, especially my own little pup Pierogi (Rogi for short) Needless to say if you ever want to bring your pet to your session I am SO here for it!
  • My favorite movie growing up was Father of the Bride as I’d watch it on repeat at my grandparents house. I like to think that’s what got me interested in the wedding industry in the first place.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Now that you know a bit more about me the only thing left to do is head on over to my contact page and send me a message! From there we’ll go over everything we talked about here in the blog and get your wedding or session date in the books. If you’d like to read more about my past weddings and sessions, or you’d like some tips on making the most of your wedding day, be sure to check out some of my other blog posts.

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