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Why You Should Book the Same Photographer for Your Engagement Session, Wedding, and Beyond

Here are the top 5 benefits that come from booking the same photographer for your engagement session, wedding day, and other life events!

Love is one of life’s most beautiful journeys. There are so many different points in a relationship, both big and small, that are worth celebrating and in turn photographing! From first love, to engagement, getting your first place together, marriage, children, and beyond. There are SO many different parts of life that deserve to be documented, and today we’re here to talk about why booking the same photographer for each of these sessions is something you should definitely consider. So without further ado, here are my top 5 reasons to book the same photographer for repeat sessions and life events!

1. Eliminates the Awkwardness

The first benefit of booking the same photographer for multiple types of sessions is that you’ll only have to go through the awkward phase of a stranger photographing you once. Nearly everyone is at least a little uncomfortable when having professional photos taken of them the first time, add in the fact that you’re going to be with your partner kissing each other and loving on one another, and it understandably can feel a little awkward at first. As a wedding photographer in Minnesota I do my best to work with my couples and alleviate these feelings as quickly as possible, but when it comes to comfort in front of the camera there’s nothing like already knowing your photographer.

I always recommend couples to book the same photographer for their engagement session and their wedding, as a wedding is such a high stakes day. The benefit of this comfort does extend into other types of sessions though! You’d feel much more comfortable inviting a photographer you know into your home for an in-home session, or having them photograph you with your baby bump for a maternity session, which takes us into our next point.

2. An Added Feeling of Trust

Not only does booking the same photographer for multiple types of sessions eliminate the awkwardness you feel in front of the camera, but it also adds a level of trust to your sessions. Having a photographer that knows you means you can trust them to deliver an album and provide an experience that you’ll love. When working with couples on repeat occasions I get to know them well, what they love most about themselves, and what they may still be working on learning to love. This means your photographer has your best interests at heart and is able to provide you with an experience you can truly enjoy, rather than someone who is just getting to know you.

3. Makes Planning and Coordination Simple

Along with the feelings of trust between you and your photographer comes this third benefit. Booking a photographer the first time is a bit of a process. You have to inquire through our website, from there we discuss what service you’re looking for, discuss potential dates and availability, and then get to know one another in order to ensure we’re the right fit. As simple as I and other photographers try to make this process, it does take a fair bit of effort from both sides no matter what. On the flip side, if you book the same photographer for multiple sessions this process becomes staggeringly easier! 

For one we’ll already have one another’s contact info, so there’s no need to inquire through the website. There’s also much less emphasis on getting to know one another, which means more time can be spent preparing for the session itself. 

4. Gives Your Story a Uniform Feel and Style

One very cool aspect of booking the same photographer for multiple sessions and life events is the consistent style and feel that your photos will have. While having a different photography style for each session and life moment is definitely a cool option as well, having the same style throughout adds a beautiful element of consistency to your photos. Think of it as a trilogy or series of movies. Having the same movie director throughout often leads to a masterpiece, while swapping directors halfway through could lead to things feeling a bit off

5. Allows you to Catch Up with a Friend

My last point in choosing to book the same photographer for multiple sessions is a favorite of mine, and that’s the chance to catch up with a friend! As a Minnesota photographer I’m present through some of the most important moments of your lives together. To a certain extent it is my job to form a connection with my couples. Now this doesn’t mean I’m going to be texting you the week after your wedding trying to hang out or anything, but I do genuinely care about each and every one of my couples, and the feeling is usually mutual.

That’s why it’s so exciting to document other events, big or small, in the lives of my past couples. I love getting to hear about how excited you both are about the new baby on the way, how you’re both anxious and excited about tackling all the projects in your new home, or just catching up together on all life’s happenings during an anniversary session.

What Sessions Should You Book Your Photographer For

So which sessions should you be booking the same photographer for? In my opinion it’s in a couples best interest to have the same photographer for their engagement photos and their wedding. As I mentioned earlier this eliminates much of the stress and awkwardness in front of the camera, which is what you want for a higher stakes day like your wedding! Outside of that though the choice is really up to you! From the points I’ve made above I’m sure you can guess that my feeling is that having the same photographer throughout all these different life experiences is the way to go, but ultimately it is your call. Some people prefer to have a different style and experience for each of their sessions, and that is totally cool as well!

Booking the same photographer for multiple sessions and life events is something I’m always going to recommend as long as the couple enjoys working with the photographer and they enjoy the photos they receive. If you’d like to book me as your photographer be sure to head to my contact page to send me an inquiry. If you’re looking to see more of my work be sure to check out some of my other blogs or my Instagram!

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