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Couples Photos at Bay Point Park in Red Wing, Minnesota | Rose + Alex

Take a peek at Rose and Alex's couples photos from Bay Point Park in Red Wing, Minnesota, a stunning spot for any type of session!

This session is a bit of a personal one for me as Rose is a good friend of mine who I’ve known for years. The two of us met back when we were in yoga teacher training together and quickly became close friends. She’s one of the kindest people I’ve met, so I was beyond excited when she asked me to take her and Alex’s couples photos at Bay Point Park in Red Wing, Minnesota! 

Couples Photos at Bay Point Park in Red Wing, Minnesota

Right along the Mississippi River in the southeast corner of Minnesota is the cute little town of Red Wing. It’s a picturesque town, and would turn out to be the perfect location for Rose and Alex’s couples session. We began our session at the beautiful Bay Point Park, which sits right on the Mississippi River. Having the river to work with, plus the greenery of the park itself, and the bluffs that look over the town of Red Wing meant we had plenty of options for backdrops for our session. All this combined with the beautiful summer day we had made the perfect setting for Rose and Alex to showcase their love! 

Photos Around Red Wing and Dinner at the St James

About halfway through our session Rose and Alex had a quick outfit change, and wow was Rose’s red dress stunning! After a few more photos around Bay Point Park we decided to head into Red Wing for the rest of their couples session. We made our way to a nearby fountain in downtown Red Wing, right next to the historic St James Hotel. The two planned on having dinner at the St James after their session, so this was the perfect spot to finish up their session. Having these two locations, each with their own distinct style and feel, really gives Rose and Alex’s album a sense of variety that I just love. Something I also love about their session is Rose’s reasoning behind booking the session!

You Can Have Your Photos Taken ‘Just Because’

Rose, Alex, and I called this their “just because” session, as that was the main reason we took the photos in the first place. Rose loved the idea of having new photos of her and Alex to display in their home, but didn’t want to wait until a big life event in order to have the photos done. I love this as it proves that there’s no rules when it comes to when you can book a couples session! Of course it’s always a great idea to have photos done for big life events like an engagement, but sometimes it’s fun to do them just because! 

I had such a good time hanging out with Rose and Alex, and taking their couples photos at Bay Point Park. These two are so much fun to be around, and have so much love for one another that was a true joy to document. For those looking to book me as their photographer for their own just because session, or for a wedding or elopement, be sure to send an inquiry through my contact page!


Hair and Makeup: Michelle Dunlap Design

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