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Minnesota Wedding Venue Feature: Woodhaven Weddings + Events

Take a look at all the things that make Woodhaven Weddings + Events one of the best wedding venues you'll find in southern Minnesota!

A bride and groom dance with one another while outside the Minnesota wedding venue, Woodhaven Weddings + Events

Recently on the blog I did a feature article on one of my favorite wedding venues, Legacy Hill Farm. Truth be told though there are just SO many incredible wedding venues throughout Minnesota that I thought it would be a good idea to build on this idea with more feature pieces. That’s what brings us to today’s article where we’ll take a look at one of the best wedding venues in the state, Woodhaven Weddings + Events! Let’s dive into what sets this venue apart and why it is a must consider for your wedding day celebrations.

A bride sits on a couch while the groom stands next to her while inside of the naturally lit wedding venue, Woodhaven Weddings + Events

What Sets Woodhaven Weddings + Events Apart

Woodhaven Weddings + Events is a wedding venue near Cannon Falls, Minnesota, or just about an hour or so south east of Minneapolis, and is a part of the Gopher Hills Golf Course. The venue itself is the perfect option for couples that have a specific vision in mind for their space. It’s perfectly suited for large or small weddings, and is an immaculate blank slate for you to make the wedding of your dreams a reality. To get an idea of what I mean we’ll go a bit further into the specifics of the venue to give you an idea of what makes this venue so special.

A bride walks down the aisle with her father during her wedding ceremony at her venue, Woodhaven Weddings + Events

The Spaces Available

To start things off, let's take a look at the different spaces available for you to use on your wedding day. As a wedding venue, Woodhaven Weddings + Events looks to give couples all the space they need so that their entire wedding day can take place on location. This means that there are suites for both the bride and groom to get ready in on site. Each comes with its own bathroom, and there is a lounge area that you and your wedding party members can use however you see fit. 

The venue also has separate spaces for the ceremony and reception. Both are indoors as well which makes this a perfect venue even for winter weddings as there’s no need for a room flip! Finally they have an outdoor deck that is perfect for sunset portraits. Of course you can also wander around the grounds with your photographer a bit for some additional photos with the picturesque landscape.

A bride and groom smile at the camera while sitting next to one another on a couch inside of Woodhaven Weddings + Events

The Service

An area that Woodhaven Weddings + Events pride themselves on as a wedding venue is the service they provide for their couples AND their vendors. The venue truly has the couple's best interests at heart, and will work with you to ensure that every part of your wedding day goes according to plan. They’re excellent in terms of communication leading up to your wedding, and will have staff there to help out with anything you need the day of your festivities. In addition to that though, their care towards their couple’s vendors is an admirable quality to find in a wedding venue. They treat vendors with respect, and will do anything within their power to make sure that each vendor is able to do their best work that day. Speaking of the vendors…

2 photos side by side, the left is of a bride and groom kissing while walking down the aisle together, the right is of the bride and groom walking down the aisle away from the camera

The Vendors

Woodhaven Weddings + Events makes things easy for their couples by having a preferred vendors list available on their site (featuring yours truly!) The list of vendors isn’t completely exclusive though, outside of their catering options, so if you have your heart set on a florist that isn’t on their list you don’t have to worry. The list is there to assist couples in finding potential vendors for their day, which as you know if you’re planning a wedding can be quite the process. 

The beautiful thing about a preferred vendor list coming from a wedding venue like Woodhaven Weddings + Events is that you know you can trust each vendor on that list. Making the cut for a wedding venue’s preferred vendor list is no small task as the venue is only going to feature vendors that they KNOW they can trust. This gives couples ease of mind in making these decisions, and I am all for it!

A bride smiles as she gets her hair done while getting ready inside her wedding venue, Woodhaven Weddings + Events

A bride and groom share their first dance together while guests watch during their indoor reception at Woodhaven Weddings + Events

The Setting

I know I talked briefly about how wonderful of a setting Woodhaven Weddings + Events is as  a wedding venue, but it’s worth covering a bit more in detail! As you can see from the photos, the interior of the venue is pristine, white, and has an abundance of natural light. This makes the venue the perfect blank slate as no matter what your wedding colors are you can be sure they are going to look fantastic here. The space is stunning in its own right though, which lets you choose between keeping things simple or going all out for your d├ęcor. The natural lighting that I mentioned earlier is a dream come true for photographers, and in turn for you since you know your wedding album is going to look incredible.

A bride and groom kiss under the sunset while on the back patio of their wedding venue, Woodhaven Weddings + Events

Things to Consider When Booking Woodhaven Weddings + Events

There are just a few extra things to take into account when booking Woodhaven Weddings + Events. First let’s take a look at some of the travel logistics for you and your guests.

A bride sits on a couch in the getting ready space of Woodhaven Weddings + Events alongside her bridesmaids as they all laugh together

Travel and Stay

With the venue being on the Gopher Hills Golf Course there is no on site place to stay for you or your guests after your wedding at Woodhaven Weddings + Events. The good news though is that there are a ton of options nearby to choose from. The town of Cannon Falls is only 15 minutes away, the town of Red Wing is only 20 minutes away, and Treasure Island Resort and Casino is only 15 minutes away from the venue. There are also plenty of Airbnbs and Vrbos to choose from in the surrounding area as well, so there’s really no shortage of options to choose from. And as far as travel goes Woodhaven Weddings + Events keeps things simple again as they have an abundance of parking on site for you and your guests to use.

2 photos side by side of a bride and groom on a staircase together, in the left photo they are smiling at one another, in the right they are kissing as the bride sits in front of the groom

What Size Weddings Work at Woodhaven Weddings + Events

Woodhaven Weddings + Events is a venue that is best suited for larger weddings. Their ceremony and reception spaces each can host up to 350 guests. That being said though the space does lend itself surprisingly well to smaller gatherings. The venue is a great option for any size wedding, unless you plan on going above that 350 guest count limit!

2 photos side by side of an indoor space at Woodhaven Weddings + Events, both photos are of the reception space from different angles showing off the space fully decorated

And there you have it, everything you need to know about one of the best wedding venues in southern Minnesota, Woodhaven Weddings + Events! I seriously love this venue, as I’m sure you can tell from this article. If you’re looking to inquire with the venue be sure to contact them through their site. If you’re looking to book me as your photographer then head to my contact page to send me an inquiry and reserve your date today.

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